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Passion for technology at CorpOne is reflected in its judicious choice of equipment and infrastructure. We have made considerable investments in the latest technology and we constantly upgrade the existing resources to be on par with the best in the industry.

Voice Infrastructure


Teckinfo (ACD/CTI) - Our Automatic call distribution system allows management of incoming calls and tied with CTI (Computer Telephony Integration) creates an immensely effective tool for ready customer recognition and immediate access to related data. It facilitates speed on calls and reduces human error.



Teckinfo Dialers- Our Dialer allows us to maximize agent productive call time (and therefore your seat utilization) by screening non live calls, eliminating busy signal tones, answering machines etc giving more productive time for our agent and lesser breaks in production flow. At CorpOne we value our agent’s efforts and use technology to optimize that effort- we also take care to avoid back to back calls and trim our inflow at times to maintain call quality.

Call Recording


Nice Logger- Transparency at CorpOne is a defining feature and we have provisions to record and log every call. Both for training purposes and for specific client requirements the Nice Logger lends itself most efficiently.

At CorpOne we fully appreciate the criticality of the work that we perform for world class clients and so leave nothing to chance.
Our Dual Power back up ensures complete 24/7 power supply with inverter and generator to support full production capabilities in every eventuality.

We believe in investing in technology and rely only on the best because at CorpOne we know that call quality depends on every variable; right from our CISCO routers to every head set that is donned by our agents, every single tool is chosen with care and maintained for optimum output through constant checks.

Workstations and Floor


Every workstation is wired compactly eliminating any redundancies and we maintain a ‘paper free’ environment. The workstations are placed in a manner so as to make traffic on the floors easy, giving enough leg room.

Spacious and well lit, our floors set the mood for motivated energetic calling and reflect positively on our agent’s performance.


Our top-notch clientele

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