Contact Centers

As a provider of complete Customer Resolution Management services, our Contact Centers use a variety of medium to interact with the customer base: real time chat, email support and telephonic interaction.


With 700 well trained professionals CorpOne’s contact centers are capable of delivering high volume calling, supported by cutting edge technology and strong customer resolution management skills.


Spread over 40,000sq ft of combined office space the Contact Centers ideally lend itself to both inbound and outbound services seamlessly with the highest levels of efficiency. CorpOne Contact Centers are designed in such a way so as to be able to meet changing call volumes with ease- be it scaling up for larger volumes of calls or be it downscaling to trim a particular process, the capability to change and change quickly is a CorpOne characteristic.


Our wide spread branches across India also allows us to deliver services in the vernacular languages like Tamil, Malayalam, Oriya, Telugu, Hindi and we are capable of providing the same quality for other Indian languages too if need be.


Our top-notch clientele

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